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Zoom – Are You Sharing More Than Your Screen?

Zoom used to be something we used for off days…

Now it’s an entire lifestyle thanks to the pandemic. We live in a community with others by utilizing a camera and a screen share button…

But a recently discovered glitch in Zoom revealed you might be sharing more than just your screen. 

For example, if you share the screen of one application, but then open an additional application on your end, not intended to be visible, it can briefly be viewed by meeting attendees.

The issue was disclosed to the company of December 2, 2020…and has yet to be patched. 

Here’s the problem – a screen capture of your private application window could be used to create a full playback, revealing private information for an extended period of time, or exploiting the vulnerable content in other ways.

Zoom says they’re working on the issue, but they have no timeline…

So while you’re waiting, be careful what you have running on your device when using this application!

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