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Why Mark Zuckerberg Uses an Encrypted Messaging App Instead of Facebook Messenger

533 Facebook users were affected in the latest Facebook data breach including full names, Facebook ID’s, and phone numbers harvested in 2019…then posted for free on a cybercriminal network.

Great – and we’re only reading about it now.

The breach affected users in 106 countries, and there’s really no way to know if you were part of it…

But Mark Zuckerberg was. His phone number, the same phone number he has registered to an encrypted messaging app (Signal), was harvested and posted.

Why is Mark using an encrypted app instead of his own? This recent data leak explains a lot. There’s nothing safe about Facebook, so be careful what you post.

Facebooks’ response to the leak? “It was old data.”

Old or not, the data could still be relevant to the millions of users who were affected. Watch out for smishing attacks (fraudulent text messages), phishing scams, and other types of fraud – it’s possible you were one of the millions on Facebook.

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