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Where to Put Your $

If you’re struggling to decide where to put your financial resources – keep reading…

The digital age has never been more real than it is now – but with the convenience of digitalization comes the responsibility to use it safely.

According to top cybersecurity experts, your priority right now is INFORMATION SECURITY – and in most cases, it’s not.

You MIGHT have thought, “I can’t afford to think about this,” ten years ago – but you CAN’T afford to say it now.

Digitalization has changed EVERYTHING…

Your employees use personal devices – some from phones, others from home workstations (5 or 10 years old).

Even IF you’re taking measures to secure company data, I can guarantee you AT LEAST one person in your infrastructure is not…

That said, here are a few 2021 MUST HAVEs for every business:

  1. Anti-Virus – the most basic of tools…spend a little on it…it will pay for itself in the long run (And not the free one).
  2. Virtual Private Network (VPN) – encrypted access through your firewall!
  3. Password Manager – every employee should have one. No more 8 character passwords consisting of your best friend’s first name and age.
  4. Regular security assessments and event monitoring!
  5. Backup + Disaster Recovery Planning – you can’t wait until you’ve been breached to do this. It will be too late.

Other things to think about? An external CISO – cheaper than an internal security department, but with more expertise and on-demand services. You might also consider Managed Detection and Response…the average length of time to detect a breach is just under 200 days.

Chances are, you can’t afford 6 months with hackers in your data!

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