The Bakken Museum

Originally founded as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the company's headquarters, the Earl Bakken Museum is the largest museum of its kind in the United States. It relocated to its present location in Minneapolis in 1976 and expanded to include classrooms and a climate-controlled artifact vault. Since then, the Bakken Museum has grown to become one of the nation's foremost STEM education centers. Learn more about its history and culture at the Bakken Museum Minneapolis. You can visit this amazing destination at 3537 Zenith Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55416.

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The Bakken Science Museum is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Exhibits in this museum cover the history of electromagnetism and electricity. Visitors can even make a trip to the nearby Bakken Mansion. The museum is open year-round, so be sure to schedule your visit during the spring or summer.

It was founded by Earl Bakken, who also founded Medtronic, in 1975. The exhibits cover a short history of electromagnetism and electricity. They also feature hands-on activities and interactive displays. In the science room, visitors can experiment with the latest in scientific equipment. A trip to the museum is an excellent way to learn about the many fascinating fields of science.

The museum is named after Earl Bakken, who co-founded the medical device company Medtronic. Exhibits at the museum explain the history of electricity and electromagnetism. Its mission is to promote science and technology and to educate the public. This museum offers hands-on learning for visitors of all ages. Programs for children range from hands-on activities to lectures.

The collections at the Bakken Science Museum present a concise history of electricity and electromagnetism. Visitors will find a wide variety of exhibits, including some from the Bakken's childhood. The Bakken Science Museum is a great place to learn about how the world works, from how lightning is created to how we make and use electricity and magnetism.

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Visit the Bakken Science Museum located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is the brainchild of Earl Bakken, a pioneer in the medical technology industry who co-founded the world's largest medical device company. Bakken Science Museum exhibits provide a concise history of electricity and electromagnetism. Visitors can experience the wonder of electrical machines, and discover how electricity and electromagnetism work. A visit to this museum will be a truly memorable experience.

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