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Six Key Technology Vendors For Your Twin Cities Office Move

If you own or manage a business in the Minneapolis metro area and are planning an office move — or you are planning to move to the area — you already know that there are many details to consider.

The moving process requires that you plan out everything from packing to transportation to furniture to utilities to technology.

As a Twin Cities technology vendor, RYMARK acts as a guide for all the technical aspects of your office move.

Over the years, the RYMARK team has built relationships with a group of local vendors that have repeatedly demonstrated expertise and reliability in their respective areas of business technology.

This existing supplier network has saved many RYMARK customers the time and inconvenience needed to research and vet tech vendors prior to a move.

Below are the services that RYMARK and its vendor network can collectively handle for a business that’s on the move.

1. Computers, Servers and Network Equipment

The most equipment-intensive part of your technology move involves computers, personal printers, servers, network storage, switches, and routers.

As an IT services & security company with moving experience, RYMARK can handle all of the IT-related items during a move.

2. High Speed Internet Service

These days, reliable internet service is the digital lifeline for almost all businesses. It is a key item on any business moving checklist.

RYMARK will connect you with a reliable representative at a major ISP. Our go-to rep will take care of the bandwidth provisioning at your new address.

3. Low Voltage Wiring

Voice, data, and video are now all transmitted throughout an office space using a shared ethernet cable system.

Ensuring that cables and wall jacks are in place — before move-in — for connections to computers, printers, servers, and security systems is a necessary part of a smooth transition to a new space.

RYMARK has a long-standing relationship with a reliable, Twin Cities cabling company.

4. Business Telephone Service

Companies that have a legacy, on-premises phone system — or do not have an interconnected phone system — almost universally look to implementing VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) business phone service.

RYMARK works with a locally owned & operated business VoIP telephone service provider that has Minneapolis-based training resources and customer support technicians.

5. Business Security Systems

Popular business security options are access control systems, video surveillance, alarms, and intrusion detection.

RYMARK’s recommended office security vendor will consult with you and efficiently handle any of the security needs you’ll need at your new address. 

6. Office Copiers & Printers

Many businesses still need high-production, all-in-one printers. An office move is often an opportunity to buy or lease a new shared copier/printer.

RYMARK’s preferred office equipment vendor sells, installs, and services a number of popular brands.

When you work with RYMARK, you get connected to a network of local vendors that can handle the technology parts of your office move.

The collective effort will ensure that your employees are productive in your new location as quickly as possible.

If you are planning a move to an office location in the Minneapolis metro area, please get in touch with us for a quote.

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