Zoom – Are You Sharing More Than Your Screen?

woman working at a laptop

Zoom used to be something we used for off days… Now it’s an entire lifestyle thanks to the pandemic. We live in a community with others by utilizing a camera and a screen share button… But a recently discovered glitch in Zoom revealed you might be sharing more than just your screen.  For example, if…

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Celebrating Black History Month

photo of a hand

At RYMARK, we didn’t want to let this month pass by without honoring the contributions of so many people in our history who haven’t gotten the recognition they so richly deserve. Rather than post an ecard about one or several people in history, we found this article about proactive ways to honor.  #BlackHistoryMonth Contact Us to…

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When Cybersecurity Giants Get Hacked, Who Do You Trust?

cybersecurity conceptual image

It’s a scary news story but it’s not really surprising. Sophisticated targeted attacks do happen, though less frequently than the kind most of us guard against. Whether your business is in Minneapolis or anywhere in the US, there are ways to protect yourself from most hacks, and there are ways to recover from hacks quickly.…

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Ready to Digitally Transform and Secure Your Business?

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Digital transformation is a great way to streamline your business processes and improve employee performance. Done well, it saves time and overhead. Protecting your business with cybersecurity is an important step to keeping your network secure. Contact us today if you’d like more information on our digital transformation services and how they can help your…

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