Zoom – Are You Sharing More Than Your Screen?

woman working at a laptop

Zoom used to be something we used for off days… Now it’s an entire lifestyle thanks to the pandemic. We live in a community with others by utilizing a camera and a screen share button… But a recently discovered glitch in Zoom revealed you might be sharing more than just your screen.  For example, if…

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Moving Your Network to the Cloud

cloud solutions banner

Companies have steadily been adding cloud computing options for several years. Whether you’re looking for a total upgrade or just want to add new platforms while maintaining some legacy systems, RYMARK can help. We can help secure your Minneapolis company’s network while you move your systems to the cloud. Email me at msommerfeld@rymarkit.com if you’d like to discuss…

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The IoT Makes Use Vulnerable to Cybersecurity Issues

photo of smart device

Smart devices make our lives better but you also need to make sure that you add these devices to your cybersecurity protocols. In an article by 22News, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency recommended to keep smart devices connected to its own secure network, different from your other devices. This keeps those devices secure from…

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The Ethics and Side Effects of Remote Monitoring

drawing of an employee at the office

Remote work situations have to lead to questions about how to make sure that employees are productive and using company time well. It also helps monitor the security of company equipment, software, and networks. Some companies opt for monitoring software to make sure that employees are spending paid time working on the platforms and assignments…

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