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The Purple Rain House is located in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was the set for Prince's film, "Purple Rain." You can visit this historic house to experience the film's atmosphere. You can also tour Paisley Park, the music studio complex, and the former nightclub, where Prince performed. This Minneapolis, Minnesota attraction is a must-visit if you're in the area. Whether you're a music fan or not, you'll love spending a day or two at the house. It is located at 3420 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406.

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You can visit the Purple Rain House in Minneapolis, MN and pay homage to the iconic movie. The movie was based on this house, and Prince played the character. There are plenty of other things to do in Minneapolis and the surrounding area, too. Here are a few. A tour of the Purple Rain House is a must! Read on for more information! This Minnesota house was used in the film "Purple Rain," which was directed by Prince.

If you're a fan of Prince, then you might enjoy paying a visit to the Paisley Park, Purple Rain House Minneapolis Mn. The film was filmed here and features Prince playing a character. The house itself is also an amazing tourist attraction. You can learn more about the film and see an original set. Here are some fun facts about the house. We've outlined the most important facts below.

Visiting the Purple Rain House Minneapolis MN will allow you to experience a bit of history. The building was used for the film "Purple Rain" in which Prince starred as a character. You can even see the original set of the film! But, if you want to see more of the building than just its history, you can also tour Prince's former music studio complex.

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One of the most memorable concerts ever played in Minneapolis was at the former First Avenue nightclub, where Prince first made his name. The edgy venue, which has excellent acoustics, is also the only place in downtown Minneapolis where African-American musicians were able to perform. Promoter Steve McClellan often booked R&B acts and was pleased with the varied crowds Prince attracted. The Minneapolis club played host to nine of Prince's concerts, during which he forged new relationships with his band and experimented with new sounds.

The complex contains the personal archives of Prince, his iconic concert wardrobe, and his unique artwork. Tours are available depending on your interests. You can take a tour of the concert hall, recording studio, or nightclub. There is even an urn where the singer's ashes are entombed. You can even tour the house Prince once lived in, and get the inside scoop on how he stayed there.

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