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The Ethics and Side Effects of Remote Monitoring

By Mark Sommerfeld | Jan 7, 2021

Remote work situations have to lead to questions about how to make sure that employees are productive and using company…

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Technology Fact – Wikipedia Needs Bots to Monitor Vandals

By Mark Sommerfeld | Jan 6, 2021

Wikipedia is user-generated content which also means that there are people who will maliciously change the content. Monitoring has become…

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How Will A Government Cyberattack Affect Your Minneapolis Business?

By Mark Sommerfeld | Jan 5, 2021

If a Russian cyberattack can stall work in the federal government, what could it do to your business? A team…

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Happy New Year From Rymark IT Security!

By Mark Sommerfeld | Jan 1, 2021

From all of us at  RYMARK, we’d like to take this time to wish you a happy and healthy new year.…

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Non-Profit guide to interviewing your next IT company

By Mark Sommerfeld | Apr 30, 2020

Q.  Do you have experience working with non-profits?  If they have, then they know from the get-go, that non-profits are…

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