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Zoom – Are You Sharing More Than Your Screen?

By alex@techpromarketing.com | May 25, 2021

Zoom used to be something we used for off days… Now it’s an entire lifestyle thanks to the pandemic. We…

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Why Mark Zuckerberg Uses an Encrypted Messaging App Instead of Facebook Messenger

By alex@techpromarketing.com | May 18, 2021

533 Facebook users were affected in the latest Facebook data breach including full names, Facebook ID’s, and phone numbers harvested…

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Where to Put Your $

By alex@techpromarketing.com | May 6, 2021

If you’re struggling to decide where to put your financial resources – keep reading… The digital age has never been…

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3 Critical CyberSecurity Policies for Remote Workers

By alex@techpromarketing.com | Apr 29, 2021

A year ago this month, the pandemic was exploding around the world, sending everyone home with one hope – Things…

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Overworked Cybersecurity Teams and Remote Work

By alex@techpromarketing.com | Feb 3, 2021

While working remotely has become necessary to stay safe, it’s made the perfect environment for cybercriminals to thrive. The good…

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